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minik [me-neekh] adjective, Informal. itty-bitty; teeny-tiny; very small.

Minik Collection's line of harem pants and accessories are sustainably handcrafted by local Turkish artisans from reclaimed fabrics. They are easy to wear and easy to pack. You can wear them everyday to every-where; wear them to yoga, to the beach or just wear them without a reason.

Where slow fashion meets deep history

Minik Collection's styles and patterns are the result of passionate research into the rich variety of handmade textiles that make up traditional Anatolian dress. Our handmade pants are designed with respect to the deep history of the harem pant in everyday Anatolian life - inspired by a long tradition of cooperatively produced, multi-functional fashion and having been worn and modified by village craftworkers for millennia, harem pants are unisex, one size and endlessly combinable with fashions from all corners of the world. 

In our vision, Turkish cultural references, ecological considerations and a craftworker's understanding of quality are reflected in a one of kind, truly special pair of pants.

Ethics and style go hand in hand

Minik Collection guarantees ethical craftsmanship and sustainable production on every pair of pants we ship. Each harem pant sold directly helps artisans earn a fair and independent living. 

Minik Collection is aiming to add additional traditionally handcrafted products with a contemporary layer spun into them that blend a hyper-local approach to ethical fabric and labor sourcing with bold stylistic modifications.

How to Contact us

E-Mail: nihan@minikcollection.com

Phone: You can leave us a voicemail at 813-421-4827. We check everyday.

E-mail always guarantees the fastest response time.